Draw a Picture of a Bird Day

April 8 is “Draw a Picture of a Bird Day” and I am going to challenge all of my readers to draw a picture of a bird.

I would love to see your picture so please  post it to the comments below.

You can draw any type of bird you wish: Blue Jay, Junco, Towhee, Robin, Wren. This is a creative activity and I thoroughly enjoy drawing bird pictures in my nature journal. It is a fun and relaxing activity.  You may want to start a nature journal this month.

Want a daily drawing challenge? Here are 30 ideas for drawing birds. For a printable version of this list click here.

30 Day Bird Drawing Challenge-page-002

April 26 is “Go Birding Day” so don’t forget to take your journal with you. Make lists of what you see, draw pictures, jot notes of the adventure. But most of all, enjoy yourself.