Pledge to Save the Chicks

Want to get involved in saving a bird’s life?

Make a pledge to help save the chicks. Simply promise to be a good steward of bird nesting areas along our public shorelines.

By pledging, you’ll show your friends that you care about birds and our environment. Simply fill in your name and email address (which I will not share) and submit.

Save The Chicks Certificate

I will send you an “I Made A Pledge” certificate that you can sign and display at your home, dorm room or office. Your name will be posted to the Save the Chicks Hall of Fame page.

Below is the simple pledge:

I want to help Save the Chicks so I pledge to:

  • Obey all posted signs designating bird nesting areas,
  • Respect the space inside roped off areas on public and private beaches and shorelines where bird nests have been spotted,
  • Keep my dog on a leash while walking near bird nesting areas,
  • Keep my cat from roaming the beach during nesting season,
  • Set up my beach chair and blanket away from roped bird nesting areas and away from dunes and grasses,
  • Refrain from feeding sea gulls and crows on the beach,
  • Clean up after myself when I leave the beach so my trash won’t destroy the nesting area or attract predatory birds,
  • Spread the word to Save the Chicks.


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